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Sinapse is helping its customers to use digital technologies to extract more value from their complex infrastructure. Digital technologies help commodity based companies to better maintain their operations, optimise their supply chain and improve workforce management and safety.  Sinapse understands the capital intensive industry value chain and how technology can add value to low cost operations and shift traditional practices to a digital solutions.

We help our clients in these industries in strategic systems and technology planning, bringing leading practice business process expertise, delivering large scale business transformation programs and supporting the organisational impact these programs have on their people.

Our change specialists helps these organisations optimise value from their ERP investment through enabling their staff to adapt to new technologies and to enhance their ability to innovate and excel in the new digital landscape.


Sinapse is helping life sciences companies to use transformative ways to deliver better health outcomes. By using digital technologies we can help companies accelerate innovation and reduce time to market for new drugs and treatments.

Sinapse understands Health & Pharmaceuticals better than anyone. Our 40+ clients in this sector are global pharmaceutical companies looking for innovative strategies to deal with end of life patents and for new entrants in the market to prosper.  We work with leading global health and pharmaceutical companies on their business strategy, business optimisation and systems implementations. We help bio-tech startups with the right digital foundation for the development and growth of their business.

Our depth of experience includes retail and hospital environments, wholesale distribution providers and originator and generic pharmaceutical companies

Sinapse has developed leading edge cloud based REM software providing safe access to medications from manufacturer through prescriber and patient.


New digital technologies are changing the way businesses operate in nearly every industry. However, few industries will be transformed as thoroughly as manufacturing, where digital technologies are not merely changing the way products are sold, but how companies operate. Products themselves are being dramatically altered—in some cases expanding from a piece of machinery needing only occasional maintenance and upgrades to a complete service both requiring and taking advantage of automatic updates to improve performance.

Sinapse  helps manufacturers rapidly exploit the digital era. Using smart factory and Industry 4.0 approaches and technologies we offer our customers the ability to manufacture their products faster, improve efficiency and transform to sustainable supply chains.
Sinapse has been working with major Australian manufacturers in food products, chemicals, automotive, explosives and industrial machinery for over 10 years.  We have helped them develop their digital strategies, select and implement their ERP systems and led change and transformation initiatives

Sinapse principals have over 30 years of manufacturing systems experience, developing digital manufacturing strategies for large and small companies.  Our experience ranges from designing, selecting and implementing process control and MES systems for food manufacturing, resource companies and industrial machinery companies to implementing sophisticated ERP systems.


Sinapse works closely with a range of clients in the public, social and human services sectors.   We have consulted to a range of departments in State and Federal Government and have implemented SAP based projects across a number of diverse departments.  We bring best of class CRM & case management systems from to our Not For Profit clients. 

We have undertaken strategic assessments of proposed billion dollar business transformation programs and helped departments grapple with the significant change impact of introducing new processes and systems.

We are a partner with Salesforce in the NGO sector and have completed enterprise architecture reviews and Salesforce implementations for some of Australia’s largest NGOs.