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The world is undergoing rapid, disruptive change.

Digital survival means your people are ready for the cultural, environmental and technological changes needed to thrive and for your business to prosper. Sinapse are leaders in helping organisations successfully navigate through difficult change programs.

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Sinapse Change & Transformation

Managing the Change Experience

Embracing and managing transformational or incremental change continues to be the toughest challenge that companies face, especially complex, high-stakes, breakthrough change.  Studies consistently show that two out of three major change efforts fail without dedicated focus on the people impacts.

Sinapse is a management consultancy that specialises in assisting organisations enable their people to deliver the business benefits and process improvements expected from business transformation programs.  We understand the time and effort it takes to bring about positive, practical change.

Our team understands the cultural implications of a diverse workforce and excel in adapting our programs to different industries, different countries and languages and technology skills.

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Our 8 core capabilities

Transformation & Change Strategy

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Workforce Planning, Transition Management & Business Adoption

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Change Consulting, Mentoring, Change Management Office & Change Effectiveness Assessments

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Trusted Experience

Empathy. Skill. Collaboration. Perseverance.

For more than 10 years, Sinapse has collaborated with ASX 200 businesses, government institutions and nonprofits, to deliver adaptive strategies with creative solutions and transformational innovations that ready our clients for accepting business changes.  

Sinapse has led the business change management for over major 20 digital transformation programs. These programs (worth over $1b in ERP investment) have been based around introducing SAP and Salesforce across the enterprise. Our business change model and methodology has been successfully applied to over 50 clients.

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Featured Change Clients

Sinapse has long standing relationships with some of Australia’s preeminent business and public sector organisations.  Sinapse has an enviable reputation in managing change programs for global organisations. 

Sinapse brings to its clients:

  • A collaborative, skilled and empathic approach
  • A focus on people and the value they contribute to success
  • Deep understanding of the industries we operate in and the business impacts of technology based transformations 
  • A proven methodology that ensures an adaptive approach to change management that supports agile or waterfall based program implementations
  • A focus on the end user experience that means the workforce stays engaged throughout the program and that all changes are sustainable long after the last go live date

Change Management Clients

Our Approach

Sinapse uses a proven, structured, flexible approach to change management with its clients.

Having a well tested, comprehensive approach to managing change is critical to any initiative success. It provides a formal process and shared language that can support the application of change management principles.

Our methodology is flexible and can be adapted to the scale and complexity of the transformation program.  It can work alongside an existing change management approach that may already in place with the client. Sinapse has also successfully worked alongside other SI firms and integrated our methodology with their program approach.

It has been developed using best practices derived from our learnings from successful programs, our ongoing research and methodology development and from external contributors like PROSCI and their ADKAR approach.

Sinapse change methodology includes an extensive library of artefacts, templates and training material that can be customised to our client.  For each workstream in our change methodology we have training material to assist clients in the knowledge transfer and are supported by appropriate templates.

Effective OCM ensures that:

All new processes and behaviours are embedded into the organisation on an ongoing basis

The employee base is trained and understand their roles and responsibilities from go live

The organization understand the objectives and the time frame of the project

An employee’s position description, KPIs, STIs etc. support the new processes and behaviours

The organization has the correct number of people performing each role and the organizational structures are in place to support new processes

Stakeholder expectations are managed

Decisions are made during the project that take into consideration the end user experience

Change Leadership

Our change team is led by experience professionals with deep expertise in technology enabled business improvement programs.