KM incorporates a range of strategies and practices. It’s main purpose is to facilitate the sharing of new insights, as well as input, from people and/or processes within an organisation.

At Sinapse, we use specialised technology to create tailored intranet systems that service the needs of your organisation.

The KM that Sinapse provide is extensive, covering a broad spectrum of responsibilities including taxonomy, process, portals and collaboration, content, search and governance.

In addition to creating innovative, tailored KM systems, our specialists are software agnostic, offering unbiased, solution-focused suggestions to produce strategies that deliver the best results.

Once the system has been implemented, support and training is provided to ensure a smooth transition for your team.

People focused knowledge management solutions

We know that working with the right people makes a project successful, and are committed to achieving this.

At Sinapse, our specialists go to extra lengths to understand your organisation’s needs. This is why we remain fully accessible to manage your organisational changes, including the relationships between staff and various stakeholders.

Competitors who offer a similar KM service are often heavily technology focused – unlike our team who are people and solutions focused. This offers a holistic approach to our knowledge management services.