Business consulting is all about bringing together your best resources to enhance the value of your organisation. Our key focus is on providing strategy and advisory services, performance improvements and, ultimately, transformation.

Using the experience of our team and our extensive networks, we assess your organisation’s current position. This helps us understand which avenues of change management will be most effective for you.

We then examine the risk profile of your organisation’s critical systems, processes and people to optimise business performance and profit. Our strategies save or make you money (or both) for lasting, long-term results.


Typically, our methodology involves the following five steps:

  1. Plan: We review your existing business, and highlight opportunities.
  2. Risk assess: We identify business processes and core systems and technologies, as well as assessing the likelihood of risk and its potential impact on your organisation.
  3. Implement: We develop strategies, timelines, checklists and escalation plans, and prioritise business processes.
  4. Rehearse: Through simulations, we test BCP effectiveness, identifying and documenting improvement opportunities.
  5. Review: Workshop successful outcomes, issues and potential improvements.

Connecting companies to add value across all areas of business strategy is our forte. Sinapse consultants bring a wealth of experience to the table, having worked in and outside companies from a variety of angles.