MELBOURNE, Australia and KARLSRUHE, Germany – Sinapse, a leading Australian IT systems integrator, and abas Software AG, a Germany based provider of ERP software solutions for mid-market businesses, today announced they have entered into a strategic business agreement that establishes Sinapse as a reseller and implementation partner for abas ERP in Australia.  Sinapse will support abas’ Asia-Pacific customers with a full range of implementation services that include business strategy & advisory, enterprise systems implementation, knowledge management, business intelligence and organizational effectiveness.

“The Sinapse team of experienced ERP implementation professionals is a great fit for our growing customer base in Australia,” said Werner Strub, chief executive officer at abas ERP.  “Midsize businesses often struggle with an ERP system that turns out to be too rigid and too difficult or expensive to upgrade.  With abas ERP, companies are able to manage complex manufacturing and business processes on a global scale with ease and flexibility.  We are looking forward to collaborating with Sinapse to support the global competitiveness of Australia’s mid-market businesses.”

abas ERP provides a comprehensive suite of business software solutions that enhance the productivity, flexibility and responsiveness of companies in the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain industries.  Firms in custom manufacturing, automotive, electronics, metal fabrication, industrial machinery, biomedical, as well as serial production, distribution and process industries use abas ERP to optimize their processes and increase their ability to react quickly to changes in their business environment.

The abas ERP product features:

  • An easy to use, flexible GUI

  • Mobile applications

  • B2B e-commerce and web-shop applications

  • Integrated document management, business intelligence and data analytics

  • A graphically based Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system for supply chain optimization

  • A function rich project management system

abas ERP works anywhere around the world and can be hosted in the cloud through Sinapse or delivered on- premise.

“Our customers are looking for an ERP system that offers world-class functionality, ease of use and the flexibility to upgrade without loss of productivity,” said Noel Thurlow, Partner at Sinapse.  “We believe the abas ERP solution meets the needs of a wide range of clients who do not have the budget or desire to implement the often more complex and less flexible ERP systems offered by some of the large ERP vendors.  We are excited to partner with abas to bring our Asia-Pacific customers an ERP system that can be quickly deployed and integrated into companies ranging from start-ups to established businesses.”

Sinapse brings its extensive ERP implementation experience to the partnership, having worked with some of Australia’s largest companies on their ERP projects.  The core abas ERP product supports the Australian regulatory environment and Sinapse will provide additional functionality to support capital intensive industries like the resources and utility sectors.  Sinapse will work closely with the abas team in Karlsruhe, Germany and with the company’s 600 plus global implementation partner network members, to leverage their knowledge of complex ERP and business environments to provide customers with a business suite that delivers successful ERP projects with long term sustainability.


About abas Software AG

abas develops ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business software solutions that optimize the productivity and global competitiveness of midsize businesses.  abas has established itself as the global midsize ERP software provider of choice by offering flexible and scalable solutions that consistently and steadily improve the business processes of many “Hidden Champion” companies.  abas’ global customer base is supported by abas experts at 65 locations in 29 countries.  The company was founded in 1980 in Karlsruhe, Germany, is privately held and has close to 1,000 employees worldwide.  For more information, visit www.abas-erp.com/.