Sinapse only recruits and retains the best staff.  We have smart people who deliver smart outcomes for our clients. All our staff are tertiary qualified with most having twin degrees, masters or post graduate studies.   Even our most junior staff have over 5 years experience in their respective industry and functional specialisation.

Since the start of operation, the company has grown to include over 50 highly experienced, full-time consultants from corporate and professional services backgrounds.

In addition, we have a significant group of trusted specialist contract consultants from who we can draw knowledge and insight. This helps ensure we deliver comprehensive and thorough consultations, every time to our clients.

Our staff are very good at delivering difficult, complex projects on time.  Our team has delivered some very significant business transformation projects over the last 12 years.

We have the following senior staff that lead our core competency teams:

  • Georgie Bankier, Associate Partner – Organisation Effectiveness
  • Russell Lucas, Associate Partner
  • Branka Graovac, Sales Director
  • Dee Farr, Director – Change Management
  • Anna Saunders, Director – Change Management
  • Christine Shingles, Senior Manager – Organisation Change
  • Alexander Schwarz, Enterprise Systems Director
  • Andrew Tauro – Project Director