Sinapse works closely with a range of clients in the social and human services sector.  We bring best of class case management systems to our clients.   Sinapse is a Cloud Alliance Partner and is a specialist at implementing Salesforce software for our clients.

Sinapse is a leading practitioner in the implementation of the Case Management system for social and human services.

Sinapse has provided consulting, best practice and systems implementation to over 15 clients and 300 users in the last 2 years.  These clients have included Federal Government Departments, Medicare Local Service Providers and numerous other NGO’s.

Our case management implementation and other services take the pain out of implementing client information and case management solutions for human and social services organisations.  We deliver a rapid “turnkey solution” to our clients that includes the software configured to your requirements, legacy system data (old and current case note files etc) migrated to the new system, change management and training services, and go-live and ongoing support – all hosted on the “cloud”.

We make it easy to implement a new Client Information / Case Management system or to transition from an older client/case management system.  Sinapse have customised interfaces for PCEHR (Personally Controlled eHealth Record System) and can integrate via web services to a range of applications and environments.


With the support of the Salesforce Foundation, Not for Profit organisations can leverage the benefits of the same IT platforms and applications as large corporations.  Through the Power of Us Program, donates 10 Enterprise Edition Licenses to eligible Not for Profit organisations along with deep discounts on additional licenses, training and events.

 In our own social commitment to positive change, SINAPSE offers discounted services to Not for Profit organisations during their Salesforce implementation or for ongoing support.



  • Business strategy and optimisation
  • Client/Case Management System selection advice
  • best practice
  • diagnostic
  • CRM Roadmap and Strategy

  • Organisation Impact Assessment
  • Training
  • Performance Support

  • requirements analysis
  • Best Practice process design
  • configuration and implementation
  • Project Management
  • Data Migration
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Audit/compliance

  • Customer, Supplier and Business Partner Self Service Portal Development
  • Advanced Data Analytics/Reporting
  • Web Services interfaces

Further Information & Client Experiences




  • VVCS offers specialised and confidential counselling services, group programs and client support services to eligible veterans and their families and to current servicing Australian Defence Force personal and their families.
  • VVCS was utilising an ageing bespoke application that was not suitable for supporting increased demand for mobility solutions to facilitate the management of the services provided
  • In addition, the Department of Health and Ageing had instigated an initiative to develop a national eHealth system (PCEHR) to enable consumers to create and view summaries of key aspects of their personal health records.  The existing solution was not able to support integration of VVCS with this initiative.
  • VVCS was looking for a world leading solution that delivered best practice business process for Case Management whilst providing the necessary technical platform to integrate with PCEHR and provide a wider array of technologies to assist their counsellors.


  • Implementation of a technical platform that would enable integration with PCEHR
  • Remove reliance on paper forms to manage the services provided
  • Allow outsourced / outreach service providers access to the same electronic solution thus reducing duplication of data and manual entry
  • Harmonise both the business process and information flows across fifteen individual centres located in all states in Australia


Sinapse delivered a rapid implementation within a four month period

  • Business process design and validation
  • Customisation of the case management software to meet VVCS business requirements
  • Implementation of critical electronic forms allow retirement of manual documents
  • Training and support of VVCS staff at all fifteen centres
  • Data migration of legacy data


  • Harmonisation of business processes and documentation across the VVCS organisation
  • Paper based forms and assessments replaced by electronic documents linked specifically to the appropriate client and counselling case
  • Solution hosted as a cloud based service negating the need for the customer to support technical infrastructure and retain in-house application knowledge
  • Mobility capability delivered from day one with counsellors choosing the method and device they use to access the solution
  • Ability to leverage of Athena’s global network of customers for knowledge exchange
  • Outreach providers able to gain restricted access to the solution
  • Foundation for web based service integration with the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR)

wsml medicare-local


  • Western Sydney Medicare Local (WSML) was a Tranche 1 Medicare Local that transitioned from its role as a Division of General Practice.  As part of this transition WSML was also assigned responsibility for the Baulkham Hills area of Western Sydney.
  • WSML‘s catchment covers a population of 860,000. Within this area, WSML supports 325 general practices (including over 1,000 GPs and staff) and 1,700 allied health professionals.  WSML’s focus is on improving the capability, capacity and integration of service providers to improve patient care.
  •  WSML has also forged many significant partnerships including with the Western Sydney Local Health District where a formal partnership agreement has resulted in identification and focus on 6 agreed health priorities in the community.
  • In the past year Western Sydney Medicare Local (WSML) has successfully expanded its Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) program and has seen a huge improvement in the delivery of quality mental health services in the Western Sydney region.
  • Since work began on the service expansion in July 2012, WSML has been able to deliver and commit to an additional 7,600 sessions, and has delivered services to 800 more patients than in the previous year. WSML has also seen a marked increase in the number of referrals from GPs in the region. This year referrals were received from 310 different GPs, three times as many as in the previous year.
  • WSML was looking for a comprehensive Client and Case Information Management system to support its existing and future plans to meet the growing needs of these customers. It selected the Penelope product based on previous excellent references.


  • Implementation of a CMS for the ATAPS, Close the Gap, SHAPE, PIR and After Hours programs
  • Reduce reliance on paper and leverage new technology to improve communications with Patients and Providers
  • Streamline and automate existing business processes where possible


Sinapse provided the following assistance to the Medicare Local:

  • Business process workshops to map the end-to-end process flow for each of the 5 Programs
  • Documented business requirements including assessment tools, forms, letters and reports
  • Data gathering and functional specifications
  • Configuration of ATAPS, Close the GAP, SHAPE, PIR and After Hours programs
  • Training of end users including System Administration
  • Go Live Support


The major benefits from the project have been:

  • Outreach workers for Closing the Gap are able to complete notes and assessment outcomes using laptops and iPads giving them greater mobility and access to patients
  • Internally employed ATAPS Allied Health Providers (AHPs) now able to manage appointments and complete session outcomes using our softwares event management and document capabilities
  • Previous paper-based SHAPE program is automated with complex assessment tools for SHAPE built in case management system
  • Initial and Final assessments fully automated with data pulled through from multiple sources and tools
  • Mandatory reporting to DOHA and other government agencies will be available through inbuilt and customised reports
NFP Clients

  • Sinapse has implemented case management systems in over 15 clients and to over 300 users. 


SINAPSE Case ManagementConsulting Services

Sinapse can provide a range of consulting, system implementation and cloud based hosting solutions for our clients.  We provide a per user total cost to clients that makes it easy for them to budget. It includes the cost of the software licence, system configuration and implementation, training, data migration and cloud based or on premise hosting. 

Our services include:

  • Business Consulting 
  • Best Practice
  • Systems Implementation
  • Support & Training
  • Cloud based hosting
  • Implementation Diagnostic

Thought Leadership and relevant links for Not for Profit sector coming soon.