Our client, a multinational bio-pharmaceutical, manages the distribution of their products using a strict risk management program. Before dispensing a product, pharmacists are required to verify the patient’s eligibility to receive the drug by completing and faxing a paper based form to our client’s internal risk management group.

The manual forms were time consuming to complete and frustrating for both the pharmacist and the patient waiting to have their script filled. Processing manual forms was also time consuming for the internal risk management group with errors often occurring as they are keyed into internal systems.


Our challenge was clear – reduce the time to complete a patient verification, reduce the effort required to support the verification process and increase the accuracy and availability of data being captured..


Our solution consisted of a SharePoint based implementation of an automated online patient verification system, replacing the existing paper-based risk management system.

An external portal was created for use by pharmacists to complete verifications online allowing fast data entry with error checking and immediate verifications for routine requests. Only non-routine requests are now referred to the internal risk management team for review via workflows. Strong data security segregation considerations and tight permission controls where a key component of the Sinapse solution.

This solution has now been deployed into Australia and Asia Pacific.